Adriana Fulop is a Slovakian born costume and fashion designer curently residing in Toronto. 

 Adriana's main passion is creating. She embraces the challenge of designing any style required for the job at hand.  She believes that a good design is not just a sketch or a picture, but a marriage between script, character research and communication with the director and cast. 

In the last decade, Adriana has created costumes for many video and film productions, dancers, musicians, as well as; independent theaters and artists.   
Her client list includes Space Channel, APTN, Global TV, Kaha:wi Dance Theatre, musicians Tanya Tagaq, Stoik and many others.  
Her latest credits fetaure movies like Fire Song (Andrew Martin and Jennifer Podemski), Angelique's Isle  (Julia Jones, Aiden Young ), The Incredible 25th year of Mitzi Bearclaw (Morning Star Wilson, Billy Merasty, Gail Maurice) and 4 Seasons of  APTN's Guilt Free Zone (Derek Miller, Amy Matysio, Herbie Barnes and Camille Stopps). 

She is a proud member of Caftcad (The Canadian Alliance of Film & Television costume arts and Design) And her work has been exhibited at Caftcads exhibition "From Concept to Creation" as a part of 2018 TIFF event.